Get A Way

(original title: Cavalcades)

Independant Fiction Feature

France – 2004 – Beta SX – 88min – 1.85 – Color
French with English subtitles



What is the movie about?

Get A Way is a timeless coming of age story set in Paris about two strangers who meet through coincidence, develop a magical dynamic friendship and become touchstones for each other. Didier and Anne, both trying to get away from their lives, take a journey together uncovering and healing difficult emotional and familial wounds. The question: what would you do if you had 20 minutes left in your life? It is exactly this question that challenges the two main characters in this film to reassess their behavior and attitudes towards the world and their families. Clear-eyed, witty, earnest and entirely original, this is a film of friendship. Themes experienced by Didier and Anne include rebellion, emotional reactivity, personal power, responsibility, acceptance, healing and their own transformational processes. Combining these rich themes with a beautiful Parisian backdrop, music and charm and this film will leave the viewer wondering if they are ‘getting away’ from life or “getting a way” to create what they really want.”

-Michael P. Lanzo
Hawaii International Film Festival

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“…GET A WAY energizes and inspires you: a personal approach to cinematography, a unique style, compelling depth, touching and intriguing characters, a lot to think about. And heart… a lot of heart.”

-Mark Gordon
Producer of Saving Private Ryan, Steve Jobs, The Patriot, Grey’s Anatomy, Ray Donovan